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Expanding the VATCS range with new Roundabout Advisory Signage

Expanding the VATCS range with new Roundabout Advisory Signage

in Oregon

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We are pleased to announce the North America product range of VATCS signs is expanding, to include hazard specific VATCS signage.  


When you mention Roundabouts, most people immediately think of the circular intersections common on European roads, however in the past quarter century roundabouts have, as a recent FHWA Innovator newsletter on ‘Creating Safer Intersections’ points out, become as American as hot dogs and baseball. 


Since 1990, when the first roundabout was built in the United States, circa 4,000 have been constructed and by 2010, all 50 states and Washington, D.C. had a roundabout in operation and it is an innovative safety trend that is continuing to grow. 


Although roundabouts are traffic calming devices in their own right, there are instances where advanced warning of an approaching roundabout is helpful e.g. road topography and high speed entry.


Unipart Dorman were approached for one instance and were commissioned to supply a dynamic LED advisory W2-6 diagram VATCS as part of the Powell Butte Highway roundabout project in Deschutes County, Oregon. 


The sign falls into the Hazard Specific Warning VATCS category, a portfolio that is steadily growing as municipalities recognize the benefit of alerting targeted drivers of unsafe speed on the approach to certain hazards in their communities.                                                                                                                 


CLICK HERE for more information on our full VATCS range. 

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I have been a part of the Unipart Rail marketing team for over 15 years in the role as Marketing Manager. I focus mostly on supporting the Signalling side of the business with Unipart Dorman, in the UK and North America and also our more recent acquisition - Park Signalling. The Unipart Dorman Traffic sector is also a key area in which I support in addition to the Unipart Rail Manufacturing business.


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