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How Air Alkaline Batteries contribute to Road Worker Safety

How Air Alkaline Batteries contribute to Road Worker Safety

Improving road lamp performance

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We started 2016 with what can only be described as unusually warm temperatures and at one point over the Christmas break we enjoyed warmer temperatures than some parts of Spain. But looking at the long range forecast we are about to pay with temperatures expected to plummet below freezing for quite a while.

When a cold snap hits, the first thing that Traffic Management companies notice is the increased frequency of battery changes road danger lamps needed to maintain their effectiveness. This is often because the lamps have been fitted with Zinc Carbon batteries which have a very significant drop off in performance when the air temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius, where tests have shown that that the battery life can drop to as little as 14 hours between replacement in prolonged low temperatures.

The Unipart Dorman DAAB range of Air Alkaline batteries have an normal operating temperature range that goes down to -20° Celsius and even at these very low temperatures will offer between 5 and 10 times longer life than Zinc Carbon and contain negligible amounts of hazardous materials such as Mercury and Cadmium.

Along with the savings made because of the extended life and cheaper disposal costs delivered by reducing the amount of end of life batteries; using Unipart Dorman DAAB batteries significantly reduces the amount of time roadworkers spend in the danger zone at the start of lane closures etc replacing batteries. Taper strikes at roadworks have been significantly reduced by using Unipart Dorman Synchro lamps; but replacing batteries in very close proximity to fast moving traffic, often in bad weather still remains one of the most dangerous jobs on the road network.

Unipart Dorman is committed to roadworker safety and reducing exposure to the hazards associated with replacing batteries in road danger lamps is just one way we are helping ensure that everyone gets home safely.

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