OAFC Prize Winners Centre Wellington Pleasantly surprised as Firefighters show belief in ConeLITE Synchro
as Firefighters show belief in ConeLITE Synchro
21 September 2016 11:55:26

Earlier this spring, Unipart Dorman made their debut appearance at the annual Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs exhibition to showcase the newly launched ConeLITE Synchro wireless sequential taper guide warning lights. 


Simple to use, yet highly effective

ConeLITE Synchro, is the only cone mountable wireless sequential warning LED lamp technology to have met both the FHWA MUTCD and MASH crash test requirements and is independently proven to improve driver recognition of the merging taper with slower approach speeds and better lane discipline.

The lights simply drop on top of the cones in the merging lane closure taper, in any order, the action of placing on the cone immediately activates them and they then wirelessly communicate to provide a high intensity continual delineating LED sequential guide for approaching drivers. 


Fire Chief provides feedback:

As part of the OAFC event a prize draw was held for a free set of 5 lamps which was won by Karen McDonald of Centre Wellington Fire and Rescue and over the summer we received the following very candid feedback from Chief Brad Patton along with a photo of the lights in operation at an MVC. 


“Well Jerry to be honest I’m a little surprised, It took a bit of time to find room on the rescue truck for the 5 ConeLites, then a quick lesson on how to use them.

I did not expect the firefighters to like them one bit.  I have purchased large collapsible warning signs that are to be used at MVCs and they never get used.

Well the firefighters really like the ConeLITEs and used them last night at an MVC.  I just thought I’d pass that on to you.”

Brad Patton ' Fire Chief - Township of Centre Wellington 


Annually in North America 5 Fire Fighters, 10 police and 50 tow truck responders are killed in struck by incidents, where drivers have not been paying attention.  We were delighted to hear Brad’s feedback because for new technologies to have an effect, buy in from the user is key.  If the firefighters who see what driver distraction can do on a daily basis believe in the technology and understand and see its effect in the field, who is a better judge.


CLICK HERE For more information on ConeLITE Synchro and  ‘Regaining Respect for the taper - WZ and TIM Crashes an Avoidable Tragedy’ or call our offices at 613 352 3458 and ask for a demonstration for your department.  


Centre of Wellington Fire and Rescue is a Volunteer Fire Department that is committed to providing timely professional emergency responses.  The Department takes pride in protecting the community from fire, life-threatening emergencies and dangerous conditions as well as fire safety education.  They operate two fire stations with a response area that not only includes the Township of Centre Wellington but also encompasses parts of Guelph Eramosa, Woolwich, Mapleton and Wellington North Townships. 

For more information, please contact us using our Online Enquiry Form here
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