Improve Your Work Zone Safety
with Intellicone
23 March 2016 15:00:55

Increasing Work Zone safety is paramount to both Unipart Dorman and Highway Resource Solutions (HRS).  The combination of Unipart Dorman’s market leading Road Safety Lamps ( ConeLITE & ConeLITE Synchro) and HRS’ Intellicone® incursion mitigation system is proven to deliver safer worksites, increase operational efficiency and improve the experience of motorists travelling through roadworks.The combination of the two products creates a unique system which integrates seamlessly with existing practices and takes just seconds to deploy.  All HRS equipment is tracked enabling automated deployment and alarm reporting.  

How can the Combined Technology help you…?

Safelane - Intellicone® configured Unipart Dorman ConeLITE lamps are able to detect and relay worksite incursions in real-time.  Such a breach will trigger an audio-visual Intellicone® Portable Site Alarm positioned near to the full road closure point with proven deterrent effect.  Simultaneously, secondary Portable Site Alarms can be triggered within the worksite (no limitation in distance), allowing the workforce to take evasive action if needed and traffic management operatives to inspect the closure point(s).  This set up is used in conjunction with Intellicone® Panic Alarm systems (for manned works access points) and checkpoints (see for details) providing a rapidly deployable incursion mitigation system customisable for any site size or configuration.

Smart Taper – Intellicone® configured Unipart Dorman ConeLITE Synchro lamps are able to detect a taper strike, instantly alerting Traffic Management Operatives. This in turn enables rapid and pro-active response, removing any debris before this becomes a hazard to motorists and is an improvement on typical routine maintenance checks. 

The Benefits..

The HRS Safelane & Smart Taper Systems enhance safety & efficiency at lane and full road closures across the UK.  The easy to use platform consists of Portable Site Alarms, Wearable Panic Alarms, contactless sensors & contact based sensors.  The latter are integrated into both the Unipart Dorman ConeLITE and ConeLITE Synchro lamps which enables the rapid deployment of an electronic perimeter around a worksite. 

CLICK HERE to see the full feature on & watch the video clip with more information.

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