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SSI Data Link Problems?

SSI Data Link Problems?

REMITdetect (Remote Missing Telegram Detector) from Park Signalling could be the answer you are looking for!

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REMITdetect (Remote Missing Telegram Detector) from Park Signalling could be the answer you are looking for!

Solid State Interlocking (SSI) data links are remarkably tolerant of problems and performance issues are often masked by the SSI diagnostic processor which only reports a complete failure.  

Do you understand just how many minor failures your system could be experiencing?

The team at Park Signalling have developed the REMITdetect (Remote Missing Telegram Detector) – a system to monitor multiple SSI data links (up to 64).  It accurately records the occurrence of missing reply telegrams and other glitches.

By using proven technology from Park Signalling’s SSI Link Analyser, the REMIT system connects to the data link test points provided in the interlocking. An Ethernet connection can be provided for the user to connect a PC (either directly or over a network), from where all missed telegrams and other glitch information can be clearly visible on a simple web interface.

The REMITdetect is suitable for use with SSI in any signalling equipment room and has the following connections:

  • Standard 8P8C Ethernet socket for the user-supplied shielded cat.6 Ethernet cable
  • A test point adaptor for the data link test points of each data link to be monitored
  • A C14 inlet for its 240V a.c. 5A supply, for the provided 2m mains lead terminated in a standard UK 3-pin mains supply plug

For each pair of data links to be monitored, an optical fibre connects the two test point adaptors to two interface modules inside the REMITdetect enclosure.

Could REMIT be the solution to your potential Signalling failures?

By monitoring potential issues and addressing them before a failure allows for a more proactive maintenance regime, which in turn delivers a more cost effective signalling system with less risk for the operational future of the signalling equipment.

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I have been a part of the Unipart Rail marketing team for over 15 years in the role as Marketing Manager. I focus mostly on supporting the Signalling side of the business with Unipart Dorman, in the UK and North America and also our more recent acquisition - Park Signalling. The Unipart Dorman Traffic sector is also a key area in which I support in addition to the Unipart Rail Manufacturing business.


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