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Unipart Rail and INPS Environmental Products establish a key trading partner Distribution Agreement

Unipart Rail and INPS Environmental Products establish a key trading partner Distribution Agreement

INPS looks forward to bringing its products to the rest of the world by partnering with Unipart Rail

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Unipart Rail is pleased to announce the establishment of a key trading partner Distribution Agreement with INPS Environmental Products Inc.(IEP).

Drawing upon its ability to supply its core products to its distributor network, IEP is proud to extend its product offering to beyond its ‘traditional frontier’. With a solid footprint in North America (and beyond) for over a decade, IEP looks forward to the establishment of a business relationship that promises to bring its products to the rest of the world, by partnering with Unipart Rail.

“We have been aware of Unipart Rail for a number of years and have learned that they have the resources and the strategic partners in place to bring our products to the ‘right’ railroads”, said David Humann, President and CEO of IEP. “Our products have been proven in the rail environment and are ‘out of the box technologies’, including one of our most recent technological advancements, ‘the Banana’ Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).”

George Tillier, Unipart Rail’s Managing Director, Products, said “It is very important to us that we continue to bring innovative technology to our customers to reduce their costs, improve their performance or reduce risk. The IEP Banana APU is a great example of this, with the added benefit of reducing harmful emissions, and makes a great addition to our wider portfolio of materials that we manage for our customers, in addition to providing the technical capability for the integration of new technologies.”

The Banana APU is a technology that extends locomotive life through the reduction of idling. If there is no movement at the reverser for 30 minutes, as determined by an optional Engine Shut-Down Timer (EST), or whether the locomotive engine is manually shut down, the Banana APU system remains in ‘Sentry’ mode. During this ‘Sentry’ mode period, our system pre-lubes the locomotive engine and trickle charges the locomotive engine batteries while heating the water in the locomotive engine as required. The system is DC driven, so it allows the crew to utilise the locomotive cab amenities like heat and air conditioning. Depending on the locomotive’s duty cycle and the temperatures in the rail network, the pay back can be as little as a winter season. The system also reduces NOX, SOX and CO2, along with noise complaints in residential areas.

In addition, ‘the Orange’ Locomotive Air Conditioner system is a DC driven system. This means that no inverter is required; which is traditionally the weakest link in a locomotive air conditioning system. Sporting 42,000 BTU’s, it can cool any cab in virtually any climate, and can fit on virtually any locomotive. Both the ‘Banana’ and ‘Orange’ systems are Patent Pending and are available through our sole Distributor Unipart Rail’s designated territory. We look forward to building up the relationship with Unipart and its key customer base.“

For more information on these products, please complete our product enquiry form here.

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