Our solution to road safety – as seen on TV!
Unipart Dorman’s Road Safety Partnership receives a fantastic response from local authorities and councillors.
03 February 2015 15:33:55

Our Road Safety Partnership initiative in Lincolnshire has received an excellent response from local councillors and residents and it has now hit the headlines, being featured by both the BBC and the ITV as part of a community speed watch initiative.

A press event was held on Monday 2nd February in the local village of Heighington, Lincolnshire, to discuss the initiative and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the DF11 speed feedback signs that have been installed by Unipart Dorman to encourage drivers to reduce their speed when travelling through the village.

Attendees included Alan Hardwick, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire; Heather Roach, Deputy Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police; Richard Davies, Lincolnshire County Council and Andrew Trevithick and Gary Chance from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

Interviews were held by both the BBC and the ITV to discuss the scheme and a very positive response was received. All were in agreement that the initiative is an excellent way to make roads safer in the village and that the DF11 is a perfect solution to inform drivers of just how fast they are travelling. They are already seeing the impact that the signs are having on driver behaviour and the partnership fully supports the pro-active approach that the local parishes have to road safety.

Unipart Dorman has partnered with Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to help them understand the extent of their traffic problems and to find a suitable solution to increase safety. The village of Heighington has experienced 9 accidents in 5 years and the aim of the partnership is to reduce speeding, therefore reducing the amount of risks and the number of accidents.

For more information on our Road Safety Partnership and to find out how the DF11 can benefit you, please contact us at dorman.enquiries@unipartdorman.co.uk

For more information, please contact us using our Online Enquiry Form here
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