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Targeting the reduction of £300m of cost

Targeting the reduction of £300m of cost

Using SmartSander to reduce costs and improve wheel adhesion

Tags: Better Reliability Condition Based Monitoring Engineering Technology Improved Performance Value - Innovation Park Signalling Reduced Cost Traction and Rolling Stock Unipart Dorman

Low adhesion is reported to cost over £300m per year in the UK and recent industry (RSSB) trials have demonstrated that in low adhesion conditions variable rate sanders can provide dramatic reductions in stopping distance over single rate systems. SmartSander from Unipart Rail contributes to reducin...

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Dave Tilmouth

Head of Marketing Communications

I'm Head of Marketing Communications for Unipart Rail, so I get to be involved in lots of exciting stuff across Traction & Rolling Stock, Infrastructure and road traffic. My colleagues know me as someone who has a perspective on everything, as well as being a bit of an extrovert!

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