City of Brantford Highlight School Road Safety
across the community with VATCS from Unipart Dorman

By Nicola Holt
30 July 2018 15:07:39

City of Brantford were one of the first communities in Ontario to recognize the unique value VATCS provides. The units installed target drivers with a hazard specific warning message at school zones....


Presentation at MASKA
Supply Chain Solutions for ASEAN region

By Dave Tilmouth
31 July 2018 13:46:35

We were delighted to be invited to the Indonesian Railway Society (MASKA) Railway conference in Jakarta on 20th July 2018. ...


SSI Data Link Problems?
REMITdetect (Remote Missing Telegram Detector) from Park Signalling could be the answer you are looking for!

By Nicola Holt
27 July 2018 12:35:23

Solid State Interlocking (SSI) data links are remarkably tolerant of problems and performance issues are often masked by the SSI diagnostic processor which only reports a complete failure.



Wayside Signal Opportunities Gather Pace
with New North America Website Launch

By Nicola Holt
25 July 2018 14:54:13

Our recent attendance at RSSI in Omaha proved to be a success in raising awareness of the Wayside Signal Range across the North America market. We are really pleased to support this product launch with a fresh new look website....


Expanding the VATCS range with new Roundabout Advisory Signage
in Oregon

By Nicola Holt
20 July 2018 12:28:59

We are pleased to announce the North America product range of VATCS signs is expanding, to include hazard specific VATCS signage.

A recent installation in Oregon has proven a successful enhancement to help create a safer intersection....


RISAS Certification renewed....
...and extended!

By Dave Tilmouth
25 July 2018 20:18:23

SGS (the Rail Industry Supplier Accreditation Body) has renewed Unipart Rail's RISAS certification for Procurement, Storage and Transportation of T&RS products in Doncaster AND extended the review period to two years....


Park Signalling Director Awarded Trophy
IRSE recognises contribution

By Dave Tilmouth
04 July 2018 10:05:16

Long standing Section Secretary (and Park Signalling Director) Bill Redfern, was presented with the Chairman’s Trophy, an annual award recognising dedication, support and continued commitment to the Section, Institution and the railway industry itself....


Goodbye Mr Kierton...
Over £1500 raised for the Railway Benefit Fund at his final farewell party

By Laura Bennett
02 July 2018 15:20:47

On Friday 29th June we bid farewell to David Kierton, Director Business Collaboration, who has retired from the business after 26 years service....


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