Unipart Dorman Innovates New Safety Lamps
in partnership with Dicke Safety Products

By Nicola Holt
29 January 2016 14:27:05

Unipart Dorman have been delighted to support our long standing partner Dicke Safety products with the development of new products to expand the range of LED work zone barricade lamps....


VDOT choose Dynamic Curve Warning VATCS
for University Study

By Nicola Holt
27 January 2016 13:39:13

Virginia DOT in conjunction with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute have chosen to evaluate Unipart Dorman Dynamic Curve Warning Series VATCS as part of a study into different treatments for advance warning to drivers of the hazards of unsafe speed at horizontal curves....


New VATCS project
on Main Street, Brampton, Ontario

By Nicola Holt
27 January 2016 11:59:26

The City of Brampton are to feature Posted Speed Series VATCS on a new traffic calming project on Main Street. ...


Nestle Select Unipart Dorman VATCS
in Canada

By Nicola Holt
27 January 2016 11:32:14

Nestle Canada have selected Unipart Dorman Posted Speed Series VATCS to be deployed on a pilot traffic calming project at the Airport Road, Brampton location....


ConeLITE Synchro Guide Showcases at ATSSA 2016
January 31 - February 2 2016 New Orleans

By Nicola Holt
13 January 2016 12:12:58

The Unique ConeLITE Synchro design now allows sequential light taper guide deployment to be virtually simultaneous with the deployment of the cone taper....


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I am the Infrastructure Marketing Manager and have worked at Unipart Rail for almost 10 years, most of my time is spent supporting Unipart Dorman in both the Rail & Traffic sectors, we cover a wide area so I often attend overseas exhibitions. I love cooking & enjoying a nice glass of wine or two with friends.
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