British Safety Council Award
Distinction in Manufacturing Safety

By Dave Tilmouth
02 May 2018 09:39:54

We are thrilled to have been awarded a distinction in the British Safety Council Awards on 27th April....


Unipart Rail sites achieve Swords of Honour
British Safety Council recognises our achievements

By Dave Tilmouth
19 October 2017 07:46:32

We are thrilled that our sites in Doncaster, Southport and Crewe have achieved the British Safety Council's prestigious Sword of Honour award....


British Safety Council 5 Star Award!
Next stop: Swords of Honour!

By Dave Tilmouth
25 September 2017 12:19:31

We are pleased to announce that Unipart Rail achieved a five-star grading for three sites (Crewe, Southport and Doncaster) from its recent Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit conducted by the British Safety Council....


Rail Safety Week at Unipart Rail
Heightened awareness encouraged

By Dave Tilmouth
25 September 2017 10:01:21

Our sites are a mix of offices, logistics centres and workshops, so we have a wide range of activities where safety is our top priority....


Highest safety award for Unipart Rail!
Outstanding achievement for the team

By Dave Tilmouth
16 June 2017 11:47:45

At the British Safety Council Awards on 5th May, Unipart Rail was awarded a Distinction for our focused and structured approach to ensuring safety in our operations....


Glow in the dark....
...without getting burned

By Dave Tilmouth
26 January 2017 09:53:43

We all remember watches with glowing hands so you could read the time in the dark, and toys that would glow in the dark when you turned out the lights. Many of these things are now consigned to history as potential issues were recognised....


Trips, slips, collisions and falls
Are all avoidable

By Dave Tilmouth
27 September 2016 09:44:25

Operational environments are all dangerous - but with a robust system in place they can be avoided....


Rail Safety Week?
EVERY week is Safety Week

By Dave Tilmouth
26 September 2016 11:08:47

Although we have a permanent focus on safety, pausing and taking stock can shine a new light on possible risks....


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