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Save Billions with the Unipart Way

Save Billions with the Unipart Way

Sunday Times interviews John Neill

Tags: Business News Continuous Improvement Unipart Way

The Sunday Times has spotlighted the potential billions that could be saved by the wider application of the Unipart Way in both private and public businesses.

Headlined 'Boost your efficiency with a daily huddle', Tommy Stubbington (Sunday Times Economic Correspondent) explains that lagging produ...

CLS LITE Supports Thameslink

CLS LITE Supports Thameslink

by Unipart Dorman

Tags: Increased Safety Innovative Solutions Manufacturing Safety Signalling Unipart Dorman

Unipart Dorman is proud that its CLS LITE signal heads form a crucial part of increasing the safety of the railway and consequently the traveling public, by reducing the number of Signals Passed At Danger (SPADs), particularly at locations where some of the largest gantries in use on the UK network ...

Unipart Rail appoints a Non-Executive Director

Unipart Rail appoints a Non-Executive Director

David Mcloughlin bring his extensive experience to the Unipart Rail Board

Tags: Business News Infrastructure Traction and Rolling Stock

Unipart Rail has recently appointed David Mcloughlin as a non-Executive Director to join the Rail Board.
David was previously Finance and Commercial Director of Network Rail Infrastructure’s division and Chief Executive of Spencer Group, a Hull-based civil engineering company. He will bring his ...

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