Is 20 Plenty?
How can we increase safety and reduce speed?

By Graham Scott
07 September 2016 10:39:38

Many UK local authorities have implemented 20mph limits in residential areas as best practice for protecting the vulnerable road user and to deliver safer, healthier, people-friendly streets. ...


Staying Ahead of the Curve
British Columbia pilot directional LED Chevrons

By Laura Bennett
19 October 2015 10:51:20

The British Columbia Ministry of Transport are piloting a new dynamic curve warning system using Unipart Dorman's directional LED Chevrons. The chevrons combine steady burn LED visibility enhancement techniques for the driver with radar speed detection of approaching traffic, to provide drivers with...


Demand for Unipart Dorman DF15
King Township introduce more signs to solve speeding problems

By Laura Bennett
07 September 2015 10:05:17

Councillors in King Township have requested for more Unipart Dorman speed feedback signs to be installed to solve their speeding problems. Signs have already been installed in Nobleton and King City as a result of residents complaining about excessive speeds.

Kingscross and Hazelbury Drive in Noblet...


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