Unipart Rail is recognised at the Greater China Awards 2017
Demonstrating innovation within the Chinese rail market

By Laura Bennett
08 February 2017 16:17:18

Unipart Rail was delighted to be shortlisted for an award at the Greater China Awards 2017. The awards, run by the Department for International Trade North West, are open to any organisations in North West of England that have made a significant contribution to developing business or collaborative i...

Unipart Rail Infrastructure raises over £4k for charity
Fundraising activities in 2016

By Laura Bennett
17 January 2017 15:20:10

During 2016, the Unipart Rail Infrastructure teams raised over £4000 for a number of employee nominated charities. This figure exceeds the original fundraising target of £2,500....

Supporting the Crewe Pledge Careers Fair
Inspiring and motivating young people in our community

By Laura Bennett
19 December 2016 10:50:54

Dawn Allett, Shaun Jones, Daniel Rogers and Ryan Evans from Unipart Rail attended the latest Crewe Pledge Careers Fair today held at South Cheshire College at the end of November. ...

John Neill honoured with Automotive Global Award
Recognising outstanding achievement in the industry

By Laura Bennett
10 November 2016 13:31:09

Last night, Unipart Chairman and Group Chief Executive John Neill was honoured with the Automotive Global Award for outstanding achievement in the industry. The award is presented to one leader in the world every year who has shown passion to innovate and inspire change to shape the automotive indus...

The latest intelligence in Key Management

By Laura Bennett
09 November 2016 16:20:58

Ensuring that the right keys are available to the right people at the right times is a concern for every organisation. Traka21 is a sophisticated stand-alone key management system which combines innovative RFID technology and robust design to provide advanced management of up to 21 keys or keysets i...

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Infrastructure and Digital Marketing Manager
I am the Infrastructure and Digital Marketing Manager for Unipart Rail. I am passionate about all things digital and within my role I manage all digital activities and communications for the business including the company websites, social media and email communications.
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