“Shine a Light"
on Work Zone Safety at ATSSA

By Nicola Holt
03 March 2017 09:48:39

Five Unipart Dorman lamp designs were featured in Phoenix this month, alongside our award winning Synchro lamp range....


OAFC Prize Winners Centre Wellington Pleasantly surprised as Firefighters show belief in ConeLITE Synchro
as Firefighters show belief in ConeLITE Synchro

By Nicola Holt
21 September 2016 11:55:26

Earlier this spring, Unipart Dorman made their debut appearance at the annual Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs exhibition to showcase the newly launched ConeLITE Synchro wireless sequential taper guide warning lights. ...


ConeLITE Synchro winner is announced
at OAFC 2016 Toronto

By Nicola Holt
10 May 2016 14:13:47

Karen McDonald of Centre Wellington Fire and Rescue wins a set of 5 ConeLITE Synchro lamps at the end of the show....


DF15 Units Go Mobile
in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

By Nicola Holt
04 May 2016 15:24:10

The city of Mississauga has upgraded its fleet of solar powered, trailer mounted traffic calming displays with DF15 driver feedback signs from Unipart Dorman....


Dynamic Curve Warning VATCS goes Live in Pennsylvania
on I-81sB Exit Ramp

By Nicola Holt
03 May 2016 16:06:37

Pennsylvania DOT are evaluating the effectiveness of the Unipart Dorman Dynamic Curve Warning Series VATCS on an exit ramp from I-181 SB to 581EB as part of an FHWA approved work plan to assess potential for reducing rollovers and crashes. The location is in Cumberland County near Harrisburg....


ConeLITE Synchro to debut at Ontario Fire Chiefs Show
1st - 2nd May - Toronto

By Nicola Holt
28 April 2016 13:04:20

ConeLITE Synchro, the only cone mountable wireless sequential warning light to have met both the FHWA, MUTCD ITE Optical and HSST/WZ-339 crash test and evaluation criteria of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official's Manual for assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) makes its...


Improve Your Work Zone Safety
with Intellicone

By Nicola Holt
23 March 2016 15:00:55

Increasing Work Zone safety is paramount to both Unipart Dorman and Highway Resource Solutions (HRS). The combination of Unipart Dorman’s market leading Road Safety Lamps ( ConeLITE & ConeLITE Synchro) and HRS’ Intellicone® incursion mitigation system is proven to deliver safer worksites, increase ...


ConeLITE Synchro Guide Showcases at ATSSA 2016
January 31 - February 2 2016 New Orleans

By Nicola Holt
13 January 2016 12:12:58

The Unique ConeLITE Synchro design now allows sequential light taper guide deployment to be virtually simultaneous with the deployment of the cone taper....


Improving Rural Road Safety
with VAS signage from Unipart Dorman

By Nicola Holt
28 October 2015 13:00:23

Three people died on country roads every day last year....

With over 1000 people killed and over 9000 seriously injured on our country roads in 2014, highlighting the dangers ahead and making our roads safer is paramount*....


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